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Mary Stark - Lavender

Jeff Mills

Mixmag · Jeff Mills: Dark City soundtrack
Tracklist:00:00 ‘Entering ‘Dark City’
01:14 ‘Scan/DNR Check OK’
02:35 ‘Where Shadows Have Motives’
05:14 ‘Unauthorized Movement’
07:12 ‘Approaching Target’
08:04 ‘The Chase’
11:34 ‘Discovering Briefcase’
13:13 ‘The Reynolds Corporation’
15:14 ‘Researching The Reynolds Corp.’
17:55 ‘Discovering The Dark Web’
19:20 ‘Traveling To Shantoi Providence’
20:32 ‘The Beauty Of Shantoi’
23:38 ‘Meeting The Designer Of Darkness’
28:37 ‘The Theory of Darkness’
32:39 ‘Warning: Knowledge Can Be Deadly’
36:30 ‘He Who Owns Everything’
43:00 ‘On The Run’
All tracks composed and produced by Jeff Mills for Dark City. Copyright Control©2019 Axis Records


T T 8 6

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